Elephant Camp

“Bringing Education To Life In The Bush”

Elephant Camp was developed to accommodate school groups to provide them with an opportunity to experience and understand the full spectrum of ecology, environmental studies, population dynamics and biodiversity in a big 5 savannah biome.

Elephant camp is one of four camps at Kwa Madwala, a 2,000 ha Private Game Reserve located 80km east of Nelspruit, just off the N4 and means “place of the big rocks.”

The camp is situated in the middle of the reserve, where the students will be surrounded by wilderness and be able to engage with large game species.

Elephant camp is surrounded by an electric fence and field work will take place in a protected area. This learning experience will be enhanced by engaging with nature on elephant and horse safaris and bush walks in the greater reserve under the watchful eye of an experienced game ranger.

The students will also experience games drives in the exclusive Mjejane Private Game Reserve which is on Kwa Madwala’s northern boundary. Its southern boundary adjoins with the Kruger National Park on the Crocodile river. The wildlife traverse between the Kruger National Park and the Mjejane Private Reserve. Game drives will end with a 10km river frontage drive with a stop at Mjejane dam on the Crocodile river. This will ensure an exceptional, educational game viewing experience.

The camp can accommodate a total of 128 students. Sixty-four in sixteen dorms with four students per room and sixty-four in tents (32×2).

Customized Life Sciences  Syllabus in the Bush

  • All aspects of Life Sciences syllabus can be studied in this unique, natural environment.
  • For this work to be meaningful, it is important that students have practical experience of a natural ecosystem. To this end students can visit Kwa Madwala Private Game Reserve, a perfect venue where the various topics are offered with a difference and where students can engage with large game species and are surrounded by wilderness.
  • Teachers and students alike will experience excitement, appreciation for and understanding of the bush where a variety of ecosystems can be studied close-up.
  • Tuition will be provided by experienced game rangers and teachers alike.
  • Personalised programmes are designed based on duration of trip and the number of students.
  • The experience is perfect for teaching different aspects of the Life Sciences to teenage students, as the program offers students hands-on study in an appropriate and safe, yet exciting environment with game drives, elephant and horse rides and many other unique activities

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Customized  Geography  Syllabus in the Bush

There are many opportunities for geographical studies at the reserve. Some of these which pertain directly to the CAPS curriculum are:

  • Study of different granite formations such as granite domes and tors – here learners can be taught more about igneous intrusions as they learn about these formations.
  • Study of weathering processes, e.g. exfoliation.
  • Soil studies, i.e. soil profiles, soil texture and structure, causes and types of soil erosion (formation of rills, gullies and dongas) and soil conservation methods such as filling dongas with rocks.
  • Mapwork studies – direction, scale and distance, bearing, contours etc.
  • Drawing of field sketches.
  • Climatological studies could be based on micro-climate in certain areas of the reserve, e. g. aspect, inversions.
  • On a macro – scale, learners can learn about the location of Kwa Madwala in relation to the physiography and topographic regions of South Africa, climatic and vegetation regions of South Africa.

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